Portrait photography – couples, small and large famillies – studio, lifestyle outdoor and at your home photographs

Family, no matter how small or large I would love to photograph you. We can schedule a photo session in my studio, outside or at your own home. It all depends on you.

Do you want studio photographs? You are welcome in my studio in Radotín. I can also come to your home with my studio equipment and take your family photographs there. It is sometimes better for small children or big families. Just ask and we’ll work it out together.

Do you prefer outdoor photographs? We will find some location and take your pictures there In this case, a very big role plays the light. We will not get beautifully lit pictures in the noon, harsh sunlight. It is much better to shoot an hour before the sunset or after sunrise. Do you see the picture above? It was taken about an hour before the sunset so it has beautiful colour and mood. We can go for a little walk, play in the park, have a picnic, it all depends on you. 

Are you expecting a baby and you would like some newborn photographs? You probably noticed that I don’t shoot wrapped babies. If you wish this kind of photos I would recommend you to find someone that specialises on those. I’m more a lifestyle photographs, I love to photograph babies with families in their home – in their bed, clothes or without but naturally document them in their environment. 

A few moments of everyday life

  • at your place, in the park, in the zoo, at the hill, below the hill, in the forest,…
  • 1 – 2 hours 
  • you will get a package of digital pictures that I take that day of yout family

4 300 CZ

A few moments of everyday life

  • in studio for 1-6 people
  • 1-2 hours in studio
  • you will get a package of digital pictures that combines clean studio pictures and behind the scene shots

6 500 CZK

Photoshoot and what to expect

English is not my first language (as you can see), so I have to ask you to be patient with me ;).

We will meet, we will have fun and during that time I’ll take soma photographs. It is that simple. I like to photograph the interaction between people, their love, relationship.

If we go out we can bring a ball, a bubble blower, your dog, a blanket,… It is much easier if you have something to do.

Final photographs

I don’t sent unedited photographs because they are not ready. You will get the package of JPGs (never the RAWs) in two sizes. Small copies for social media and high resolution for printing.

You can also order prints.

Prints on paper

  • 10 pcs: 10×15 … 250 czk
  • 10 pcs: 15×23 … 350 czk
  • 5 pcs: 20×30 (A4) … 550 czk

Travelling to location

I don’t charge anything for on-location (in Prague) lifestyle shoot. When I shoot outsite od Prague, it is 6 czk/km. It is different if I take my studio to your home – in this case, the travelling expenses are 2000 Kč